1.Red sky in morning, Sailors take warning.
Red sky at night, Sailors' delight.
Evening red and morning gray, help the traveler on his way.
Evening gray and morning red bring down a rain upon his head.
Rainbow in the morning
gives you fair warning
Beware the bolts from north or west;
In south or east the bolts be best.
The higher the clouds
the better the weather
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1.The higher the clouds the better the weather.
2.The moon and the weather may change together,but a change of the moon will not change the weather.
3.When grass is dry at morning light look for rain before the night
4.the weather is part of climate in the same way dent life is a part of our life.

5.clear moon frost soon                                                                                6.rainbow at noon more rain soon                                                               7.if ascend hills and scatter ,expect clear weather                                blooming in late autumn are a sign of bad winter