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I hope you know the emal format so i am not doing the first one

dear -----
hello how are you i hope you are fine . what did you do in your summer vacations.did you have fun ?
my summer vacations went well. we went to nanital with my sister it was so fun.i even went to a cave called bat cave it was so scary . it was dark but lights were put inside still i felt scary,then we went to golumandir and stayed at elite hotel . our hotel was very beautiful it  had a big peacock fountain in the park. we went to the hills which was cold too. i was shivering there. we also went to boating . actually it was thepediling boat i was doing it . it was so fun.i will be sending pictures later
tell how were your summer vacations. send your pictures too.convey my regards to uncle and aunt.
your friendly
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