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Wildlife consists of all the non domesticated species. all the plants grown naturally without any interference of humans is included in can be found in all ecosystems.   
wildlife is our gift from god . they were found in all over the world like in deserts , water , air , plains , lands . that were called as living resource  which are die and replace by new ones by birth , they are very important for scientific and survival values , they are also provides us honey , medicines . they are also important for plants . they were play essential role in ecosystem and biological processes . most scientists agree that wildlife around is affected by human activities. Humans are Destructive to the wildlife environment and wildlife population to making leathers  , food , etc.  wildlife are like our friend they occupied a special for various cultures of our world so we had to protect them but we are not we are continues the killing and hunting of animals as a result they are indanger . some animal are finished from the earth like dodo .