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malaria :-
   caused by protozoa which contains by the female mosquitos .
   prevention - use mosquito killer in your home and other places 
                   -  remove standing water 
                   - use pesticides in waste places .
  symptoms - temperature of  body is highly increased .
       t was also be the cause of death .

cholera :-
   caused by bacteria  by poor hygiene 
   prevention - cholera vaccine is the best agent for control cholera 
                  -  sale of food is being under hygienic conditions
   symptoms - dehydration 
                    -  vomiting 
                    - urine decreases
   caused by virus  by unsafe sex
prevention - don't take blood of infected person and to avoid use of  common razors and needles . and use precautions during sex .

symptoms - loss in weight of body , heavy fever , night sweats , etc.

  caused by virus  by water as well as food 

prevention - hand washing before eating foods 
               - drink pure and boiled water 
               -  vaccines 
symptoms - fever , headache , weakness . etc.
 caused by virus  by warm blooded animals like dogs , rabbits , etc.

prevention - observe the animal for 10 days from the day of bite .
               - neutralize before this virus reaches your nervous system 
               - anti-rabies serum and vaccine 
               - wash the wound were the animal bites .



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1.Malaria-It is caused by the bite of the female anopheles mosquito.The person suffers from fever,vommiting and joint pain.The patient also feels very cold at nights and shivers.
Precautions-Bathe regularly keep your home and locality clean so that it doesn't becomes a breeding ground for insects.

2.Jaundice-It is spread through contaminated food.It mainly affects liver.The skin of person turns yellowish.
Precautions-Use clean water and wash fruits and vegetables before use.

3.Dengue-It is caused by bite of aedes mosquito.The person suffers from high fever,headache and body pain.
Precautions-Keep your home and locality clean and throw waste in dustbins.

4.Typhoid-It is caused by a bacteria found in contaminated water.The patient has high fever and abdominal pain.
Precautions-Drink boiled,filtered and chlorinated water.

5.Plague-It is transmitted by rats.If it is not controlled it may result in epidemic.Its symptoms are fever,shivering and diarrhoea.
Precautions-Do clean your home with dettol and don't allow rats to enter your home.

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