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When dog keep its tongue out during hot summer days,the process of evaporation takes place i.e., the saliva which is present on the tongue of the dog evaporate as vapour and it feels a cool,dogs pant during hot summer days.

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Dogs  cannot  sweat  like  us.They  do  sweat  through  their  paw  pads  but  that's  not  enough  for  cooling   them  down.The  main  purpose  of  panting  is  to  cool  the  dog  down.However  if  the  dog  is  panting  heavily  after  exercise  it  could  mean  that  it  is  suffering  from  a  heatstroke.If  your  dog  pants  and  shows  other  signs  like  vomiting  it could  mean  that  somethimg  is  seriously  wrong  with  your  dog.Panting  can  be  a  sign  of poisoning,infection     some  other  problems  .Make  sure  that  a  dog  never  feels  too  hot.Never  leave  the  dog  alone  in  vehicle  which  may  cause  it  to  overheat.
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