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  this chapter tells us about  justice and  justice has no friend or enemies. a man named Alagu didn't support his friends and spoke only for the truth. 
Two years later Jumman   didn't try to punish his enemy Alagu..
all spoke the truth and justice prevailed .
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The author of this story is munshi premchand
this chapter tells us that justice is an independent body ; if a person sits in the seat of justice ; he sees nothing else but  just the case. In this story there r two close friends ALAGU CHOWDRI and JUMAN SHEIKH , right away from childhood ; and have now grown up and r in respected positions ; and later some misunderstandings happen around these 2 ppl and the come to the panchayat for justice.both of these ppl sit in the panch as a head in 2 completely different cases and realize that god lives in the panch
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the story is based on the theme that a panch knows neither friend nor foe.he is concerned only with doing justice. panch speaks the voice of god. thus prem chand showed how good the panchayat system was. it cost nothing. the people of the village were aware of facts and tried to be just and fair.