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Hai friends today i am very sad to say that we are going to be separate within a month because of completing our 10th class. We are going complete our education up to 10th class successfully because of the way taught by our teachers and their cooperation. Our teaches treat us as their own children and they always tried to build up both physically and mentally. and when we are talking about our friends, friends are the boon given by the god to us.they are the medicines to us when we are in bad mood or with headache etc. they give a lot of entertainment to us. they are always try to make us happy. Each and every moment that were spend by us are our sweet memories. and the friends who are with us upto our 10th are long lasting friends. These 10 years are washed out very fastly. On these years we are quarreled with so many friends but this is the moment that will join those ones also with us. it is a very sad this that our --------------- school family are separating now. So enjoy this day happily and joyfully by having the wonderful memories that we got in our national/----- school family.
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