As we all know the value of Eduction, today's education plays a vital role in our life . education help us to know the worlds its activity and the movement of day to day life. We can see the example too i;e here in internet we are asking questions and getting an answers may be which isn't that much proper in manner but adequate to understand the given topic. So , educations always help us to know the universal languages . education not only give you a knowledge about something but also help you to get a proper job to make your life delightful . And there are many more thing which you can add. Hope my answer help you little.
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The education plays a important role in our life or students life. A teacher say we should not think the following; The students think; 1. I go away from high school 2. i should finish my collage life fast 3. i should get job 4. i should marry 5.i should have children this thinking is bad education is also important and life too For many individual students preparing to graduate from high school, wondering whether or not they should pursue a higher education at a university or other learning institute is an issue that weighs heavily on their minds. It is a very difficult decision that depends on many different factors, such as the individual’s personal goals. Some students choose to go straight from high school directly into the workforce after graduating. Other students choose to go into the military after graduating from high school. While these are all different options, recent research indicates that higher education is extremely valuable