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today the most important factor in the society is education. education i no mean that to study, its meaning is 'to understand the society'. education gives us good name in the society. today the person has a value by his studies only. by studying well we can reach the success and our goal easily in our life. our education keeps us at a peak point. it gives us what ever we need. if there is no education, there is no value for this life. even learning a small thing also called education. billgates, who is from a middle class family is today one on the list of worlds richest men. this was done by him through his education. everything will be washed out by giving to other, but education s the only thing that will increase as it gives to others.
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EDUCATION is the most important part in life.without education we can not read and write.we started learning from school and end with universities.the knowledge we get from our teachers which helps very much in our study.teachers are god for every is the only way to success it makes the man a right thinker.but some how we are in the world,where not everyone has an opportunity to receive it.mostly india there are many places where proples are illiterate.learning is not an only way to success we have to learn how to live a life.the training of human mind is not complete without education. 
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