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Do u love dogs here a story of dog who love his owner very much named beboy and it is dog owned by cheska and cheska is a 11 year old girl one day she was crossing over but car hit her ans she was sleeping in the home and he got awaked barking at the road and took her to hospital he is so sad beacause his owner got hot by a car and her mother also wnt to hospital and beboy was worry about his owned but later she was well after all over they lead a happy life

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                            Brave Dog 
In Alok's family have consisted his brother and his mother and father and a dog named Romeo . alok was 6 years old and his dog is yellowish in color . they had like to go for walk in every morning and evening they were also like to go for fishing in the river in his  village . one day in the morning in 15 january 2015 a sunny day and little cool winds are flowing .  alok's father just returned from his early morning fishing suddenly they hear a strange noise coming from the river . alok and his father with his dog ran to have a look in the river and he saw that a boy is sink in the river suddenly his dog romeo jumped into the river and he catch the boy and bring him out of the river the boy is  little unconscious then his dog ran call the doctor then doctor came their and he see them after 10 minute boy is getup and he    told that he was from nearer village and then boy's family came their and he gave many  thanks to the dog . all peoples of the village calling him the brave super dog .
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