Dear Editor:
While in Chennai, I went around the city for four days, and every day more garbage covered streets, dirty, bleak and hopeless revealed themselves to me. With a sinking heart I realized that this was a symbol of apathy and despair. 
I witnessed roads and narrow streets choked with traffic. Big SUV petrol guzzlers aggressively pushing the hapless pedestrian to the extreme edge- juggling his way grabbing for space. “India’s crumbling metros” I thought,  the situation being the same in all our big cities. But in this despair I saw a ray of light:- Mr. Kamal Hassan- If he is serious about a better India he must get his Swach Bharat act together. 
Urgent measures must be taken with action-oriented programs, working in tandem with the municipality, giving them a viable proposal for clean up. We need to appoint wardens, locate sites for landfills, and last but not least create awareness in the public about the hazards of littering. In fact a penality should be imposed on defaulters. There is no time for complacency. Swift action must be taken or else India far from a colorful tourist destination, will become a hot spot for disease and epidemics.
We in Kodai have been active in our city and village cleanup since 1999. Admittedly it has been a long haul- we have seen some change but a lot more still needs to be done.
Mr. Kamal Hassan I appeal to you to start directing reality before the curtain comes down all together!