Digestive glands are those glands which releases digestive juices in our stomach to break down food into simpler substances and to produce energy by the absorbed food .
some digestive glands are-
1.pancreas which release pancreatic juice
2.liver which releases bile juice
3.salivary glands which are located in the interior of our mouth and release saliva in the food when we chew food which helps in digestion of food
4.stomach release hydrochloric acid which kill germs present in food
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Digestive gland releases digestive juices which help the food to digest.There are many digestive glands
1)pancreas which releases pancreatic juice 
2)stomach releases bile juice and also HCl.HCl help to kill germs present in the food
3)salivary gland also releases digestive juices but it can not digest complex nutrient.It is present in the mouth 2 in upper jaw and 1 in the lower jaw
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