Partner -''uncle he is getting less marks in the class because of the volley ball''
parents- ''am worried about his studies what should i do''
partner -''uncle u must advise him and prepare and give him a timetable and equally distribute his studies and practice time.then he can concentrate on studies and playing equally and even his friends can help him.''
parents- ''good this will work out thank u''.
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Teachers- dear parents your son got less marks in science what is the reason???
parents- he is a part of district vollyball team and i am fail to do anything.
teachers- you should have to conserve him to focus on there study not to waste                   time on playing games.
parents- yes ofcause we will concert to him that they should focus on there study.
friend- uncle your son got less marks in 3 subject and they play all time vollyball.
parents- well we also very upset from him that they do not focus on there study we                            also concert to him that why you don't leave the game and focus on your study he                said that they haven't leave games because next month there is a national level                    competition was held in our town.
friend- i will try to concert him that they focus on there study.