U can arrange the numbers which is largest in first and keep on decreasing the value of numbers till it ends
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but the numbers are rational numbers??
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So you want help for arranging numbers in descending order i can help u ok
if there are four numbers like 5,6,7,8
so you should know that descending means from top to low so arrange it in a simple way like i am going to arrange
descending order in these numbers 8>7>6>5
okk if you want the formula for rational numbers tell me in comment box okk
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but it's rational numbers?
ok then i am going to modify the answer
-5\6, -7\12, -13\18, 23\24???
If the no. are rationalized no problem, u can find the LCM of the denominators & arra -nge the no. in descending order by seeing the numerator.For example you gave the numbers,-5/6,-7/12,-13/18,23/24, find the LCM of the denominators 6,12,18 and 24. You will get 72. thus the numbers are, -60/72, -42/72, -52/72 and 69/72.
69/70 > -42/72 > -52/72 > -60/72 are the numbers in descending order.