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Well, Maths needs a lot of practice, try solving as many questions as u can. Before solving questions must see the examples. u will feel easy.
Social needs learning and remembering. memorise it
English language needs the knowledge. Read books
and Hindi understand and memorise it
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Maths need a a lot of practice so practicing Maths at last moment won't work if you really want to score better in Maths try solving them when they are taught in your class.Social Science has three parts History needs a sharp memory so learn all the dates nicely,Geography you need to understand the things and write in points or bullets.Civics is easy to do understand everything and write in paragraphs.For English you should prefer to dictionary and your word command and grammer should be good.In Hindi practice essay(nibandh),letter(patr) and other writing sections.Also practise grammer and word-meanings.

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