2015-02-12T19:15:20+05:30 will be helpful in development of economical ways will have the ability to work for a long time
3.they will save money spent by the govt. to look after its citizens health
4.can improve the standard of the society

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Everyone would be happier!! We would have more energy, our spouses, children, parents, grandparents, friends etc. would live long energetic liveswe would be paying less taxes for the sick people that tax payers foot the bill forpeople wouldn't go bankrupt from paying out the *** for medical bills when they are poorly insured for major illnessesEven minor illnesses can be a major financial burden for people in addition to all the prescription pills that they have to buy. That money could be spent building our economyinstead of being in debt forever and a day, people could pay off their credit cards which in turn benefit the companies that loan to them.He or she is able to realise his or her potential, and play an important role in social and national development.