Some questions regarding Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

I'm in 10th class. So please answer accordingly.

Q1)If a functional group & Alkyl group are present, who will get the lowest number?

Q2)If 2 functional groups are present, then who will get the lowest number?

Q3)In ethyl & methyl group who will get the lowest number?

Q4)CH3-COO-C2H5 has 2 names-ethyl ethanoate & methyl propanoate. Why?

Q5)Is =O to be included in a chain?

Q6)If multiple bond & alkyl group are present; which one will get the lowest number?

Q1.number as in IUPAC naming?



1 ans is alkyl group

2 ans ; it depends upon on which position the functional group is present

6ans; multiple bond

5ans; yes it depends upon the functional group attach . but which chain you are talking about

1) The functional gr should get lowest no.
2) It depends on what is the other subtituent to which it is attached.
3) both can both cannot,becoz both are same dosent matters which one is getting lowest no.
4) this is becoz ethyl ethanoate is trivial name or common name where as methyl propanoate is International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) name
5) yes it can be wherever necessary 
6) Of course the first carbon containing double bond present in the chain will get the lowest no.

I'm in class 12 so you can rely on my answer m giving u 100% assurance.