the  measurement of the electrical conductance per unit distance in an aqueous solution is called ConductivityMolar conductivity is  the conductivity of an electrolyte solution which is  divided by a molar concentration of the electrolyte. 
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Conductivity or conductance is a measure of ease of flow of current through a conductor.It is defined as the reciprocal of the resistance of the conductor.It is represented by C.
Mathematically,[tex] C=\frac{1}{R} [/tex]
where,R is the resistance of the conductor.
Unit of conductivity is ohm⁻¹ which is also written as Ω⁻¹ or mho,it is also expressed in Siemens,S
                            1 S = 1 ohm⁻¹ = Ω⁻¹ = 1 mho
Molar Conductivity is the conducting power of all ions furnished by one mole of an electrolyte present in a definite volume of the solution.
It is represented by Λm.
It's unit is ohm⁻¹ cm² mol⁻¹ or Ω⁻¹ cm² mol⁻¹.

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