Jet streams are fast flowing narrow currents in the atmosphere of some planets.The major jet stream on Earth is Westerly wind.
hurricane protection.
WIND is a flow of gases in a large scale.wind speed is measured by anemometer.
wind power is given by E=1
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Jet streams was the air circulation in that region . 
   - it measures more than 10 km above from the earth's surface . 
   - it flows very high speed at the rat of more than 100 km/h . 
   - it moves just like a ribbon and narrow belt  .
   - it effects weather conditions .
   - moving of earth is responsible for jet streams.
   - that was caused due to hot airs rises up directly and due to momentum of fast moving of air it produces ow fast a location on or above the Earth moves relative to the Earth's axis. (  the location of high and low pressure systems ) .

wind :-
   - it flows because the moving of air high pressure to low pressure .and different atmospheric pressures 
   - there is no distance for flowing of wind .
   - it may be flows at high speed but normally flows slowly .
   - it  has no  direction and pattern normally .
   - it not effects weather or effects little .
   - moving of earth  is not responsible and maybe  little bit responsible .