I'm not able to concentrate in Maths! :( Please help me!!!


Yes not understanding and problem in using formulas in the right places
hey wat problem tell to me yar i will help u
How can I get first rank?
et a distinction level always needs a hard work without that it is impossible


U must go to a tutor and ask for his or her help. u must pay attention in the class and lastly must pray earnestly to god  to help u  know  i too was once like u.
And how can I get first rank in class?
get a distinction level always needs a hard work am the class head boy and am always the topper.
WOW pls give good tips
congrates head boy :)
Maths is a subject, where concentration is needed. And in this subject, if you don't understand the basics, you'll get stuck on every new concept you learn. Here are a few ways to improve your understnading skill... 1. Firstly, spend more time solving simple math problems, than huge and impossible sums. This will help you to keep your pratise up, and increase your speed while soving. 2. Then you have to cut off on your tv and book reading time. Instead of staring at the wall when you're free, read the rules of different concepts. Get some interesting and twisted questions, which will act as a brain refresher. 3. Try studying with your friends around. You'll get motivated if you see your frnds working hard as well. Discuss topics and concepts, that all of you didn't understand. Try solving each other's queries, and you'll get enough practise as well. 4. Talk to a teacher, or your parents in private, and tell them where you're getting stuck. They can clarify your doubts, and you won't even feel embarrased. This way you'll be able to keep your concentration level up. Search the internet for a few tips on new concepts once you're done with your current syllabus. This way you'll be able to stay away from being a backbencher. ;))))
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