thallophyta - aquatic 
                 - among plants have simplest organisation they do not have well differentiate plant body .
                 -  the plants of this group are almost algae .
                 -  body type is thallus 
                 -  asexual reproduction 
    e.g. - ulva

bryophyta - they are called as amphibions of plant kingdom .
               - they have well differentiate plant body 
               - steam doesn't have specilized vascular tissue ( xylem & phyloem )
               - asexual & sexual reproduction
     e.g. - funaria
pteridophyta - they have 
differentiated plant body 
                   - specilized vascular tissue .
                   - they don't bare seeds 
            e.g. ferns 
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Thallophyta:- # body not differentiated into roots, stems, leaves etc. I.e, thallus like body. # mostly aquatic. # also includes multicellular algae. Ex.- ulothrix, chara, spirogyara, ulva. Bryophyta:- # body is differentiated into roots, stems, leaves etc. # do not have well defined tissue system for conduction of water and other substances within them. # includes mosses and liverworts. Ex:- riccia, marchantia, funaria. Pteridophyta:- # have well differentiated body with roots, stems, leaves etc. # have vascular tissue system for the conduction of water and other substances. # includes ferns and horse tails, e.g., selaginella pteris, marsilea etc.
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