Electric motor

Electric motor is a device that converts electric energy into mechanical energy.
Flemings right hand rule is also know as motor rule..
It consist of
~SN magnetic poles
~ABCD coil on armature
~B1 B2 Brushes
~S1 S2 split rings 
~L lamp

A motor works on the principle that a conductor carrying current in magnetic field experiences a mechanical force and works on direct current called DC motor . A simple DC motor consist of rectangular coil of insulated copper wire ABCD mounted between the poles N and S of a powerful magnet of wire ends of a coil are connected to two halves S1 and S2 of a split ring the conducting brushes B1 and B2 are in constant with S1 and S2 respectively these brushes are connected to poles of a battery.
An electricity current be passed through the coil in the direction ABCD it produces mechanical force that is it makes the armature to rotate.

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