A student has to do the experiment,on finding the focal length of a given concave mirror, by using a distant object. out of the following, "set ups"(A,B,C,D) available to her,the set up which will give best result is
A) a screen,a mirror holder & a scale
B)a mirror holder,a screen holder & a scale
C) a screen holder & a scale
D) a mirror holder & a screen holder
answer one among the 4. i am confused kindly provide appropriate reason



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A)a screen,a mirror holder and a scale
option C and D never be true.because it does not contain appropriate material.confusion can be in A and B.by looking B option we sees that  there is not present screen,which is necessary for making image.Hence option A is correct
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(A) ascreen ,a mirror holder and a scale is the correct answer.