A student obtains a blurred image of an object on a sceen by using a concave mirror.in order to obtain a sharp image of the same object on the screen, he will have to shift the mirror
A) away from the screen
B towards the screen
C)either towards or away from the screen depending upon the position of the object
D)very far away from the screen
give reasons toooooo




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1/f = 1/ u + 1/v

1/v = 1/f - 1/u      => v = u f / (u - f)

in a concave mirror with an inverted real image on screen, all quantities, v , f and u are negative. So the negative sign cancels out.
   if  u increases a little, then v  decreases,  If u decreases then v increases.

Depending on the position of the object and screen with respect to the mirror, one may have to move in either direction.

Moving the mirror away or towards the object , could depend on the position of the object -- if it is outside the 2 * focal length distance or if the object is placed between the center of curvature and the principal focus point.

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