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Helen keller was born on 27 june 1880. She was blind and deaf but when she born she was a healthy and normal girl until ninteen months old.after this she was suffering from a disease ''acute congestion of the stomach and brain''.
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Helen Keller wrote this story when she was about 20 years old. She could not hear,speak nor talk. Whenever she talked to anyone they talked with her in sign language but while others talked, she noticed their lips moved. She used to get between them and touch their lips and she too tried the same but nothing happened and she used to get angry. She had a companion named Martha, a servant's daughter. She once hid the key after locking her mother and her teacher Anne Sullivan on different days. She was also very fussy. She had a little sister. On those days Helen had a doll which she had named Nancy. The doll had a small bed and Helen used to guard it with care. Once she noticed her little sister was sleeping on that bed. She got very angry and overturned the bed and her little sister would have been harmed if her mother had not caught her that day.
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