Antonia borrow money from shylock  if antonio no able and fail to pay back the loan on time then he pledges to give a pound of flesh from his body , unfortunately Antonio's ships are lost at sea and he is unable to repay the loan on time after but he got money and when ho go to pay the loan shylock replied you are out of time then shylock take him to the court DUKE OF VENICE . 
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Antonio, the wealthy merchant who was a friend of Bassanio had no money at that moment when Bassanio asked him for it to go to Belmont to woo and marry Portia, a rich heiress of Belmont. So both of them went to Shylock a cunning money lender hated by Antonio so Shylock who wanted to take revenge made Antonio sign a bond which termed that if Antonio would not be able to pay 3000 ducats in 3 months, then Shylock would have the right to cut a pound of flesh of Antonio nearest to his heart. Antonio whose ships failed to reach Venice within time had forfeited the bond and Shylock was very enthusiastic on pursuing the bond had given it in the court of Venice. However, it was the cleverness of Portia, Bassanio's wife who dressed as Dr. Balthazar that saved Antonio's life.
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