Chain pump: A chain pump consists of two large wheels, connected by an endless chain. The bottom wheel is half immersed in the water source. As the wheel is turned, the connected buckets dip into the pool and pick up water. The chain then lifts them to the upper wheel, where the water from the buckets is transferred to the pool. The chain then carries the empty buckets back down to be refilled and the process continues.

Moat or pulley-system: It is a manual irrigation method. By this method water is directly taken out of wells with the help of pulley and is used to irrigate fields.

Rahat: In this method water is drawn out of wells by animals. Animals like cow, buffalo, oxen etc. are connected to wheel.  Animals move and rotate the wheel lead to draw the water from the well.

Dhekli: In this system a rope and bucket connected to pole to obtain water from well. They connect rope and bucket on one end of a heavy stick and a heavy counter weight at the other end.
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