Children Should be taught not to dirty and be irresponsible towards others properties and should follow rules. this quality/value/rule would help them for life.
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Its a fact that chrildren or the society dont know the  importance of educational institutions.they always used to come up with something or the other against schools and always end up in destroying something.
there is an indian belief,'if u ever dishonour anything that helps you to learn u will not remember anything u is important to live on.
children do love writing comments on the desks and it is just an irrational behaviour there are many schools in the world where there are no desk or bench or even the walls that once belonged to a school.its necessary to bring up an awareness about how studying materials really require respect.
society believes stricking the educational institutions always results in getting the attention of the govts.and thats the reason why they strick and break desks and benches where their children had once sat and learned!
polices support is very essential here.
govt support too.
children should be give awareness and a good chance to correct their mistakes. req. punishment.
or change class to some tree shades and shift class each day making a rotation.