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Dearest Jafi,
                        its been long since hearing from you!how are you?i couldn't answer your last letter since i have been enjoying my last winter break. for an African like you there will be no winter to celebrate but summer i hope. don't worry i will be pleasure to share my most memorable moments with you.
                         our school closed long before the snow falls so there was enough time to be prepared.all my friends,most of them went for tours and long journeys and so i had no one to play with!the snow fall started from the second was too heavy that my mom wont allow me to go out. but it was really beautiful to witness such a wonderful spectacle from inside the cosy home in warm long coats with a cup full of hot tea in hands.after the heavy fall dad used to take me out for almost an hour,that's when i make big snow man and throw snow balls at the neighbour and his daughter, really good to see her laughing 'll introduce you to Amy sometimes.
                             we were walking by the snow crafted road when i slipped.i hit my head hard on the road and was in tears when i saw my dad in his laughter, not only dad but Amy too.i hold back my tears as i felt too shy to cry.but in the end i too ended up laughing with them that i forgot all my pain.not only that we found many beautiful snowflakes and they were exciting too. i  played many snow games and felt wonderful.
                            those were great times and i really wished you were here.its ok,you can come on the next winder break and we can celebrate once can also meet Amy.share my regards to everyone and write back to me.
                                                                        with ever ending LOVE,