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democracy :-
 - government is based on the will of peoples 
 - it is based on fraternity and liberty
 - in enhances dignity of citizens .
- it is moral system of government in which government is formed for the people and of the peoples .
 - it is desire inspiration of people because peoples have right if the government is not doing there work properly then they have power to change the government .

dictatorship :-
- it is based on individuals .
- it is look for particular groups . means it is not responsible government .
- their is no importance to individual rights .
- people are not free to express their views .
- decisions are taken by an individuals not the wishes of the people 
- it is not desired inspiration because peoples have no rights if the government is not doing their work properly then they have no powers to change the government
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democracy means people rule i.e., the ruler was elected by the people
eg: the rule which is present in india now
the dictatorship is the rule which is on the hands of one person only
eg: hitler's rule
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