today in this so fast and running world everyone has become selfish. everyone is having competition with each other and in the sake of competing with each and other everyone is forgetting their parents i.e. elder citizens. they treat them as if they are their burden which is a point of shame on his/her part.they have started neglecting them and thus they feel lonely.this is all because of the human today which treat elders as if they are just favouring them for name.they are kept at a corner of a room or some leave them at old age homes which is completely wrong. they should be  treated as god and we should keep them as a responsibility not a burden. this is the only reason why elders are feeling lonely in this fast paced life.
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Senior citizens, or rather our parents, grandparents, or that old couple who live down street, they are all the people who have seen us from when we were very young, gave us parenthood, and now it is time for us to take their responsibilities. In the new age, mobiles, laptops and television kits are the new timepass methods people use. Instead of spending time with the old set of people, talking or even sitting down with them to watch TV, people choose to destroy these tender and mild hopes by ignoring their suggestions and requests. Senior citizens are neglected, and are not given enough time. They are often sent off to Old Age homes, which is not preferable. Behaving rudely with seniors, seldom cause suicides. People often exert thier stress or anger from office or school on these old people. But this is not the way to prove your point, or express your anger. Talking to a senior, and listening to their soothing words, will help you calm down much faster. We should give them respect, act kindly to them, and be a happy part of their small world.
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