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If articles in a magazine or newspaper, you can go for the following topics:- 1. Problems - The best topic you can choose is the struggles or problems of your audience. Highlight the causes and an effective solution of it... 2. Product reviews - People often want reliable facts on the basis of which people buy stuff. You can highlight the strength, weaknesses, advantages of the product and so on. 3. Hot on Follo - People often read the newspaper or magazines basically to keep themselves updated on the newest issues. Strive to be the first one to write about them.... These will help your articles to gain popularity. So now if you want topics for a normal paragraph, these can be preferable - 1. Comapre and Contrast - Choose a quote or proverb, and write a few lines agreeing to it, and a few lines disagreeing to it. For example, take the following topics and try : 1. Work expands to fill the time available. 2. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. 2. Descriptive Writing - In these types of articles, you'll have to explain a scene. The sight, smell, view, sensation, taste, everything. For example, a treasured item. Or a child's secret hiding place, or an accident scene.
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