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> reported speech is also known as indirect speech !!. it is used to communicate what someone else said,but without using the exact words.a few changes are necessary; often a pronoun has to be changed and the verb is usually moved ,where possible back a tense.''

example> he said that he was going to come . ( the person's exact word were ''i am going to come.'')
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In reported speech we do not give the exact words of the speaker but only give the substance of what he said.For example - 1)Direct speech- I like chocolates.
                                                            Reported speech - She says she likes                                                                  chocolates.
                                                           2) Direct speech - The teacher says " the                                                              boy was lazy",
                                                             Reported speech - The teacher says                                                                     that the boy is lazy.
                                                          3) Direct speech - He said the " The boy may pass"
                                                              Indirect speech - He said the boy might pass"
                                                          4)Direct speech - I said "I will try to help her"
                                                            Indirect speech- I said that i would try to help her.

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