Today's child is tomorrow's citizen" so goes a popular saying, stressing the need for proper careand protection of the children. India has ratified the UN convention on the Rights of Child, which cameinto force on 2nd September 1990 and our own National Policy for Children was adopted way back in1974. However, if we look at the outcome of all the measures that have been taken "on paper" the recordis dismal. Child abuse goes unabated in our country, right in front of the eyes of the Law. The presentstudy was undertaken to assess whether our specialty - Forensic Medicine - can bring to focus theatrocities perpetuated on children. During the 5-year period of the study, 155 cases were examinedmedicolegally in the Emergency department of the Govt. Medical College Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh;of which 6% were referred for medicolegal autopsy. Physical abuse accounted for 70% cases and sexualfor 30%; the police brought 61% of the children to the hospital. Boys were more at risk in cases of physicalabuse, however of the cases of sexual abuse, 23% were boys. Maximum cases of abuse - both physicaland sexual occurred at the home/ neighborhood of the victim. It was concluded that the society as awhole, including the Govt. NGOs, Parents, teachers, elders etc. has the responsibility for the properupbringing of the child and until and unless all of us shoulder the responsibility with sincerity, the childrenwill continue to be abused.
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