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1. day dreamer cant acheive his goal
2. before going to attend exam, first read the instructions
3. local languages are going to be diappear on now a days
4. he has voyaged through places like peru
5. the programme had recieved a good response
6. we are taking rest in a villa for this night
7. they remitted their income to their families
8. knowledge is our power
9. good character gives a good life
10. our life depends on our behaviour
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1. my friend is great day dreamer during physics class.
2. my teacher instructes me when i did a mistake.
3. english is the most local language which used by all the people.
4.gulliver is going to the voyage around the sea.
5. i recived a gift of 50,000 from government because of my sencere duty.
6. i bought a villa for 19 lakhs.
8. teacher is the one who shares hi/her knowledge.
9 . character is the most important than beauty.
10. my friend behavior is very good