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     Travel is the activity of making a journey to another geographical location other than where we live in.  We are compelled to travel often because of family functions, meeting friends, and attend official duties.  We travel for pleasure on excursions and for visiting touristic places.   “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” ― Rumi

      Travel enriches our knowledge and increases our wisdom.    Travel costs some amount.   One needs to take precautions and needs to make plans for the journey. 

      Tourism is travelling to various popular touristic and heritage locations in the state, country or world.  Tourism helps us to learn the good history and rich cultural heritage that our ancestors have given us.  Tourism helps us to learn our own land. 

     It costs a lot, but tourism allows one to see what we study in our lessons.  We learn a lot of practical issues, see different cultures, interacting with people of multiple back grounds and manners.  One can get all the information on the touristic spots through internet, or by contact government tourism department, or travel agencies.      In India people make a lot of tours to various pilgrimage centers and big towns and cities.

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