writter o henry was going to pitsburg for business work  in chair car train . in chair car their are most are the ladies and who are waring brown silky dresses with laces  suddenly he saw a small , bald-spotted head man is visible the back of no.9 . the man hurled a book to the floor between his chair car and the window ''the rose lady and trevelyan '' one of the best selling novel and veered his chair then the author  identified him that he was john A. pescud who was travelling salesman after that the author met with him and start talking after that author asked to john that he was married then he replied yes i married with a beautiful girl and he start telling his love story which is matched to that 'novel the rose lady and trevelyan ' . he said that he was going to cincinnati - saw the finest looking girl he'd ever laid eyes on she read a book and minded her business , she changed cars at cincinnati and took a sleeper to louisville at the last station at virginia she away down then he followed him and he reached to a big bungalow  with white pillars , the yard was full of rose and lilacs like a governor mansion after that he went to  a hotel called bay view house , learnt the massive house belonged to colonel allyn the oldest family in the state and that girl was his daughter . on the third day he caught the lady walking in the yard and start talking with them he learnt her name is jessi and pescud realized that she knew that he was tracking him . she warned him and told him talk to my father after that  in the next morning he told his story to the colonel that he was following him from cincinnati and what he did it for and his salary and prospectus then he got well acquainted with colonel charmed him and his daughter , he married jessi a years ago and he lived in the east end after that story ends pescud got off at coke town declaring that he wished to find some petunias for jessie . he said that the novel's story is can't happen in reality but author thinks this story is matched with the novel ' the rose lady and trevelyan ' .