Mahatma gandhi was the father of our nation. He followed method of ahimsa meaning non violence. Satyagraha was also one of the methods of ahimsa. He led many people to the seashore in dandi, a place in gujarat, and protested against collecting taxes for salt from peasants and poor people. This was also known as dandi march.
Mahatma Gsndhi made spinning on the charkha and the daily use of khadi, or coarse cloth made from homespun yarn, very powerful symbols. These were not only symbols of self-reliance but also of resistance to the use of British mill-made cloth. For Mahatma Gandhi, khadi was a sign of purity, simplicity and poverty. It also became a symbol of nationalism and rejection of western mill-made clothes. His dream was to clothe the whole nation in Khadi. He felt khadi would be a means of erasing differences between religions, classes, etc.