Infectious disease can spread through following means
food etc
vectors are the carriers of diseases 
ex malaria kala azar
we can prevent malaria by cleaning our suurounding throwing dirty water away putting meshes on the window etc
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A)infectious diseases can spread through-
the air,
from direct or indirect contact with another person (including from a mother to her unborn child),
soiled objects,
skin or mucous membrane,
urine,blood and body secreations,
 sexual contact,
contaminated food and water
b)Vector-borne diseases are infections transmitted by the bite of infected arthropod species, such as mosquitoes, ticks, triatomine bugs, sandflies, and blackflies.examples-malaria,dengue fever,chikungunia,yellow fever etc.

The prevention and control of malaria can be prevented through the following ways:
1.Controlling mosquito breeding;
2.Preventing mosquitoes from biting people;
3.Killing adult mosquitoes before they bite people;
4.Killing malaria parasites in the blood before they can cause malaria. This is referred to as chemoprophylaxis;
5.Early diagnosis, timely and adequate treatment of all Malaria cases.
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