religion hinduism was started before more than 3000 years ago by sants and embrances many gods and beliefs the place of origin is in India they pray in temples and worship their gods in temples as well as in home like brahma ( the hindu god of creation ) , vishnu ( the protector ), lakshmi ( god of wealth and beauty ) , shiva ( the creator and destroyer  ) , etc . the sacred book of hinduism is Vedas .
Thnks for the information.. :) but still u only answers when and how it spreaded.. I still didnt got the reason HOW it started...?? Who set the objectives of Hinduism? But still ur answer was vry helpful.. :)
Scholars and philosophers of religion have tended to see Hinduism as an ethical
 religion, a religion of a particular people and associatedThe realm of dhamaa the Hindu Universe, was known as bharat, the land we call India Bharaath is the original name of this land, named after Bharatha, one of the brothers of Lord Rama).( Some historians feel that the name Bharat is derived from the Drama Shakuntala who had a son by Bharat. He was so strong that at the age of 12 he could stop a tiger, open its mouth and count its teeth.