Is newspaper replaced by internet and advantages of newspaper

Newspaper is not exactly replaced by internet.But in future it can be possible.The advantages of newspapers are as follows-
1) you get to know what all is happening in your and the neighbouring countries in detail... 2) the headlines you read and short that always give you a breif idea about the situation...... 3) The types of news like national,international,sports and weather report are in different pages that makes you even more easy to read.... 4) you can always reuse the newspapers for various purposes.


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There are many advantage but best is in net you have to be online whereas newspaper are always and anytime available

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I think its just a matter of time it replaces the print version. Cost of paper, delivery, switching over to more interactive medium, E ink readers which are as comfortable to read. Over the years the news paper is getting thicker but - how much of it we read?