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     Caring for the elderly is important.  The elderly persons in our families are our ancestors.  They have taken care of our childhood.  So we need to care for the elderly.

    When we are very small kids, our parents, grandparents have taken care of us, our food, shelter, clothing and our health.  Our elders often sacrifice their personal interests to take care of the children.   They see that the children are well educated and gain skills, knowledge and wisdom.  The elders always want that their children perform well, and do better in future.   In this harsh and cruel world, the elders try to protect their children and see that they advance safely in to the ever changing modern world.

    So it is our duty to care for the elderly, when they are old and are unable to take care of themselves.  These days we have micro families.  So generally old people do not stay with their children.  Often elderly people cannot travel to different places that their sons and daughters work and live in.  The elderly may be put in special homes for the aged or in the company and care of some one they love.

   It is difficult to take care of the elderly.  It is not easy too.  Often we give priority to our children and neglect the elderly.  But they are also to be taken care of.  In Indian culture, the elderly are given a special role in a family.  Most important way we care for the elderly is by respecting them, greeting them warmly, talking to them for some duration, giving them priority in matters of decisions.

    The elders need to be talked to politely with love and tenderness.  We should not get annoyed by them.  We can protect our time and future from them, if we think that they may interfere with our own plans.  But we should give them their due.  Often some elders may disturb their sons and daughters due to overindulging in their lives.  But that should not be the reason to distance them and neglect them.

    We are, in fact, respecting ourselves, family, our clan and culture, when we are respecting our elders.  We are respected and are considered kind by others, when we respect elders.

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