Finance manager:it costs too much for the diwali gifts
sales manager:yes sir but the costumer want only this
finance manager:ok let me take care of it
sales manager:om sir
What the other guy said was horrible. Here's something better:

SM: In efforts to add value to our products, and increase customer loyalty, I suggest giving expensive gifts along with expensive purchases in our store. This will also encourage customers to buy those expensive products since they get more value.

FM: Is that really necessary? Based on past trends, Diwali Sales remain around the same regardless of giving gifts. What type of gifts will you be giving?

SM: Well I think it should definitely increase customer loyalty, and it would thus increase sales in the long run. Gifts with one third the value of the product bought will be given. These gifts will be ones made by our company of course.
FM: That would decrease profits in the short term definitely and we can't afford that due to our cash-flow problems. How expensive does the product bought need to be to avail gifts?

SM: We were planning to give it on purchases above Rs. 20,000, but you're right, we can't afford that now. 

FM: What if we gave it on purchases above Rs. 50,000? And gifts of 5k-10k

SM: That sounds good. But we should also give a little extra, such as a small sweet box for items below that amount.

FM: That's much better. Feedback please.

SM: We give gifts of 1/10th the value on purchases above Rs. 50,000 upto Rs. 10,000? And we give smaller gifts to the smaller purchases.

FM: Great
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