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IT IS A GREAT TOPIC TO SPEAK AND IF I GOT A CHANCE TO DONATE BLOOD I WILL DONATE BLOOD FOR OTHERS BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO SUFFERS FROM BLOOD CANCER AND THEY NEED HELP OF BLOOD. FOR THEM WHO HAVE BLOOD CANCER THE BLOOD PLAYS A ROLE LIKE NECTAR. AND WE ALL HAVE TO DONATE OUR BLOOD BECAUSE A BOTTLE OF BLOOD SAVES SOME'ONES LIFE. OUR SCHOOL HELD A BLOOD DONATION CAMP IN SCHOOL TOMORROW AT 9 A.M AND OUR PRINCIPAL WAS THE FIRST WHO DONATE BLOOD. He also told the students about the importance and benefits of blood donation. Our teachers also did not stay back. They also joined in this noble cause. Apart from blood donation camp, a free camp to check up the blood group was also held. A team of doctors checked the blood group of each and every student of the school. We all came to know what our blood group was. All those who donated blood were given tea or coffee and biscuits. All the donors were also awarded a certificate. The team of doctors thanked our principal and teachers for their co-operation. Everyone appreciated our school for being a part of a noble cause. at last i want to say that ''rakt daan hi maha daan hai''
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