why should we be clean
when We are clean, the people will respect us, we will lead a very healthy life, we are clear if we will turn to God we can earn respect for others associated with this progress, because Cleanliness is very important in life. A clean and healthy environment will certainly contribute to national development absolute. Clean rate will be when healthy people and people to work and contribute to their homeland will be energetic. An unhealthy seriously affect the health of people living in the country will be. Being clear sign of spiritual purity or goodness, cleanliness is next to godliness. Clean India campaign to clean the streets of India 4041 mission covers statutory towns, the campaign announced by the Government of India, and roads. Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his US tour after cleaning the street where the campaign was launched on October 2, 2014 at Rajghat. People responded to this by cleaning its streets to proclaim the message there are several popular characters and brand ambassadors. In India by the media for spreading the campaign has played an important role. I think swath Bharath  is  good as cleaning our country is a very interesting campaign. This is the reality of the situation, others among our countries will be raised higher if we can clean very well.
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Swach bharat was introduced by narendra modi .as everyone should follow and clean their surrondings by open hearts in2014