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Its not always necessary to be popular it is necessary to be good it is necessary that everyone likes you and no one hates u may not be popular bcz ur attitude may not be correct or ur behaviour towards others may not be good or may be it is bcz u dont mingle with everyone nicely or it may be unknowingly ur hurting others remember these are not correct reasons sometimes we may be correct also but remember being opular not as impotant as being liked by everyone even if  u may be popular also many may hate so be happy dont feel sad

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Yeah u r right but it also depends on the person with whom u r talking
some people are rude but u should not care for such people
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You can write like this-
I am not popular among my friends because i am very simple.
My friends are interested in movies and filmstars but i believe study as my first priority.
They are very rich and i belong to a simple middle-class family.
I am shy at nature and well-disciplined but my friends are very naughty and always disrespect elders.