1 ________was a German scholar (A painter)

2 name 2 Indian leaders who deported to Burma

3 Moderates did not believe in _________actions.

4 In _______ Gandhi gave a call for a _________ against the _________Act that the British had passed

5 In 1961,_________surrendered Goa

6 Subjects of union list were _________ and_______

7 Subjects on the concurrent list were ______ and ______

8 Economic planning by which both state and the private sector played a role in development was called a ______ model

9 In 1966 the state of Punjab was divided into _______ and _______

10 India's population in 1947 was almost ________millions



1.max mueller
2.bahadur shah zafar  and subash chandra bose
3.non violent
4.1915   ,  protest        ,Rowlatt act