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The poem song of the rain is written by the poet Khalil Gibran . This poem is regarded that rain is a  gift of the god . it is a part of nature , has been personified . it compares itself to the pearls in the crown of ishtar i.e. the great goddess of love  and war that have been snatched and blown down by the daughter of dawn . when rain falls , hills , flowers ,and all earthly thing rejoice . the field on the earth and cloud in the sky have been referred to as lovers . the dry fields are watered and the laden cloud is released of its burden . thunder rumbles just before rainfall which announces the arrival of rain , and rainbow says rain is over , the rains has compared to any earthly being from whom life begin on death on earth , it rest in the heaven . rain in the form of vapours , rises from the sea and goes high up in the air with breeze . 
     when rain falls in the window panes , people rejoice at its arrival . it is ironical that the very heat that forms rain in the form of clouds is killed by the rain when it falls to the earth . the field rejoice when it falls from heaven which seems to shed tears at its loss . his sighs are expression for disappointment and expectation due to affection for loved ones . in the end sad and happy memories , smile and tears leads of sadness and joy with happiness .
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Stanza 1: The rain says that it looks like dotted silver threads which have been dropped from the heavens by the gods. When it has fallen, Nature takes it to embellish her fields and valleys.
Stanza 2: The speaker is the rain. It says that it is like a beautiful pearl plucked from the crown of Ishtar (the goddess of fertility, love, war, sex etc) by the beautiful daughter of Dawn. In other words, rain looks like pearls during dawn.
Stanza 3: The rain says that when it cries, the hill can be heard laughing and when the rain humbles, the flowers are seemed to be making merry. Similarly, when the rain bows, everything seems joyful and elated in happiness.
Stanza 4: The rain says that the field and the cloud are like lovers and the rain acts like a messenger of mercy between them. It quenches the thirst of the fields and cures the sickness of the clouds.
Stanza 5: On one hand, the voice of the thunder declares the coming of rain while on the other the rainbow announces its departure. The rain is the cycle of earthly life which takes birth at the feet of natural elements and ends under the wings of death.
Stanza 6: The rain emerges from the heart of the sea and reaches the sky soaring with wind. When the rain sees a field which needs rain, it immediately falls on it. It cuddles flowers and trees in countless little ways.
Stanza 7: The rain says while it falls on the windows, it seems to touch the windows with its soft fingers. The arrival of the rain is a welcome song but only sensible souls can understand it.
Stanza 8: The rain says that it is the deep breath of the sea, the laughter of the field and the tears of heaven.
Stanza 9: Therefore, rain sighs from the deep sea of love and affection, it awakes and rises like laughter from the colorful fields and falls down like tears from heaven of memories.