Alcohol is one type of disease . The drinking of alcohol become uncontrolable.Sign of alcoholism are tremors ,inability to concentrate and many other. The legal age for alcohol consumption is twenty one years old in every state. Alcohol is harmful we should not drink it . SOME SLOGAN ARE
1. ALCOHOL IS A MAKE-U-STUPID DRUG                                                     2. an alcoholic, you will violate your standards quicker than you can lower them.

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"Alcohol consumption is bad for health" we may have heared this before but are we really doing so?This question arises in our mind.Alcoholic is something which can really make our life hell.Some drink alcohol just for showing or maintaing status.But for some it had become a habit which is really very bad.We should also make people aware about alcohol consumption and its bad effects.In short it is a kind of a disease only which should be cured before the time is gone,as time waits for nobody.

Some slogans regarding this topic are-
1.If you want to stay alive happily don’t drink.
2.By drinking you can hand over your keys or your life so make the right choice.
3.Rethink your third drink.

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