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Biodegradable things-Fruits peels,Vegetables peels,Jute bags,Paper bags,Paper,Cotton rags,Woollen socks,Plants,Excrete of Animals,Animals and insects.

Non-Biodegradable things-Aluminum cans, bottles, plastic products(also bags), metal scraps, glasses,Lead,Glass,Rubber and Chemicals.

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Biodegradable wastes-
paper,fruits,vegetable peels,weeds, grass and plant clippings, fall leaves, peat pots, plant stakes 
non-biodegradable wastes-
grocery bags, plastic bags, water bottles, metal cans, tins, metal scraps, rubber tires, man-made fibers like nylon etc,Computer hardware like glass, CDs, DVDS, cellophane, processed woods, cable wires, Styrofoam